Am Weissen See 3 is a magical lake side country house estate developed by Consul Ott, a most successful entrepreneur making his fortune in piano manufacturing. He commenced building on its natural forest grounds, the Lake Villa and the Hunting Lodge in 1911.

Consul Ott associated himself with the Babelsberg movie celebrities based in Berlin, establishing Am Weissen See 3 as the private guest house and party grounds for some of the most famous movie stars and film producers of those days. In its seclusion it became a haven for the famous.

One of the most frequent movie celebrity guests was Consul Ott’s best friend, Baron von Lamezan auf Altenhofen or better known as Ferdinand von Alten (1885 – 1933).

Ferdinand von Alten, with a German aristocratic background was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He moved to Berlin to become a stage actor and movie actor and later a film director, involving himself in more than a hundred movies.

Consul Ott, who had exported a lot of pianos to the US, was bankrupted in the World Depression of 1929.

Am Weissen See 3 was purchased by Baroness von Lamezan, the rich wife of Ferdinand von Alten in 1935, who continued to use the country house property as a private guest house for artists in general and film celebrities in particular.

Amongst the famous guests frequently seen at Am Weissen See 3 was Harry Piel (1892-1953) Harry Piel, who was a prolific German actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer,  involved in more than 150 films.

Some old citizens of Wesenberg have fond memories of waiting at the front gate of the property for the arrival of Harry Piel’s limousine, asking for his autograph.

There were many other famous Stars who visited Am Weissen See 3. Anny Ondra was chauffeured by coach here. There were also celebrities of sound and colour film from the UFA Studios such as Heinz Rühmann (the film, Bruchpilot Quax was filmed in the neighbouring town of Rechlin). Marika Röck, Hitchcock, etc, were here, so was Max Schmeling, bathing in the pristine water of the White Lake. When they arrived here, driven by carriages and later by cars, they were greeted at the entrance gate by the ‘fans’ from the area, collecting autographs.

A century later, Am Weissen See 3, was reborn as Sculpture Park Wesenberg, a well established destination for artists and art lovers, combining Art, Music and Nature.