A Concert And Sculpture Park

Our non-profit making Foundation, Peter Wilmot Thompson Stiftung, was founded in 2014 in Berlin, Germany. With the assistance of our German company, Künstler Bei Wu GmbH, we set up and developed Sculpture Park Wesenberg at Am Weissen See 3 ,17255 Wesenberg, Mecklenburg, Germany which was opened to the public in June 2016.

The inaugural exhibition included 23 large scale outdoor sculptures installed in the natural forest grounds surrounding the park, as well as a number of indoor sculptures and paintings installed in purposely built exhibition galleries, mostly by Australian artists with the aim of fostering cultural exchanges with German artists.

The highlight of these exhibits are works by the Australian sculptors Inge King and Erwin Fabian, both born in Berlin in November 1915.

For its first anniversary celebrations in 2017, exhibits of Australian Indigenous art were shown, including works from Arnhem Land and the Torres Strait Islands in Northern Australia.

The opening events 2016 and 2017 were celebrated by concerts performed by our Orchestra In Residence, Concerto Brandenburg based in Berlin.

The opening art events 2018 include

(1) a Spinifex Exhibition showing Contemporary Australian Indigenous art with a bold and colourful scheme to be curated by our long-term exhibition partner – ARTKELCH and

(2) a relaunch of the Torres Strait Islander art curated by Stéphane Jacob of ARTS D`AUSTRALIE, France, with a film produced and directed by Phil Cairney, showing art and culture of the people.

The experiences of combining art, music and nature have led us to inaugurate Music Festival Bei Wu with two large scale ‘open air’ public concerts on 30th June and 1st July 2018 to be performed by Concerto Brandenburg.

An overall view of our MUSIC FESTIVAL BEI WU

On George Frideric Handel’s WATER MUSIC, showing the magical water, nature and art exhibition environments of Bei Wu, White Lake in English and in German Weisser See

On DIE HAVEL depicting the River Havel flowing through Wesenberg in Mecklenburg, the first town being met by the river.

The planned Opening Events 2019 include

                 a day events on Saturday 22nd June from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm                 private by invitation only

  a day events of curated tours to our new art exhibitions on Sunday 23rd June   from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm open to the public by prior registration



Catalogue of a special exhibition at Bei Wu 2019 
with the Theme


Zhao Hai Tien Catalogue

A preliminary catalogue of the exhibition 2019 at Bei Wu, titled:  




Open to the Public free of Admissions from May to October

Daily except Mondays

Galleries and Sculpture Park from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Telephone number +49 (39832) 26 24 66


Konzert- und Skulpturenpark Wesenberg

Am Weißen See 3

17255 Wesenberg, Mecklenburg


Our suggested direction for a scenic route from Berlin to Wesenberg is via Löwenberg; Meseberg; Rheinsberg.

On site free car parking will be available.

It should be noted that when a car navigation system is being used for directing to our address at Am Weissen See 3, 17255 Wesenberg, it could give a misdirection to a cul-de-sac at the Beach Restaurant. Please set the navigation direction simply to 17255 Wesenberg, and upon arrival in our town, there are ample road signs leading to our family properties of Künstler Bei Wu and Sculpture Park Wesenberg.
For your interest in our family property set-ups, please visit the following websites, particularly the Icon section of Events and News:





 Inge King Memorial Gallery at Bei Wu (02:46 min)

  Erwin Fabian Permanent Collection Gallery at Bei Wu (03:13 min)



Katalog-Tipoti-Thaiday-Robinson  Stephané Jacob

Torres Strait Islands Art Exhibition 2016 at Monaco

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 10.43.30.jpg
Header Bei WU Q

Skulpture Park Wesenberg and its outdoor exhibitions (9:46 min)

Rotating art exhibitions (10 min)

Magical Water and Nature surroundings  at Bei Wu (5:48 min)

Connecting the Magical Water of Bei Wu, Germany to the Tropical Waters surrounding Torres Strait Islands, Australia (28 min)